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An article on me in The Orange County Weekly Newspaper

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Hurry! Grab the wheel!

Squaring off with Randy Savage-"Spider-Man"

As the Slave Driver-"Son of the Beach"

As The Biker Vamp-"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

As Deevak-"Angel"

Preparing to Pounce on Dolph Lundgren-"Agent Red"

Whipping Dolph into a Submarine bulkhead-"Agent Red"

Squaring off with Dolph-"Agent Red"

Watching for Police - "The Champion"

Standing Guard-on "The Champion"

An Ominous figure-"The Champion"

Trying to break Mark Mcguire's Home Run record- "The Champion"

Watching for Police again - "The Champion"

Taking Aim-on "The Champion"

Confronting Romeo Fabian-"The Champion"

Explaining the advantages of Drug Dealing "The Champion"

Opening fire on Scott Valentine on "Black Scorpion"

My "new" Tatoo-courtesy of the lovely and talented make-up artist-Paula-on "Pensacola"

As The Town Crier in Tim Burton's "Lost in OZ"

As LAPD Officer in Anti-Gun Control Campaign Ad

During early stages of my 3 hour make-up session on "Buffy-the Vampire Slayer"

Face make-up complete!! "Buffy"

Make-up and wardrobe complete! Character "TAPPARRICH"-"Buffy-the Vampire Slayer"

Awaiting my return from the grave. "DEMON TAPPARRICH"
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